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CouponTwo Curates The Best Coupons And Savings On The Web

23 Feb 2013 - Now has never been a better time to save and scrimp on deals and coupons in light of the current economic downturn (link) Shoppers are tightening their purse as merchants look for better marketing and sales tactics to increase sales. To get shoppers to buy products, a quick and inexpensive way is through coupons, deals and promotions. And CouponTwo ( might just have the right solution for both shoppers and merchants.

In short, CouponTwo is a free, clean and simple portal dedicated to the best coupons and deals that shoppers can enjoy when shopping online. To keep up with the mobile trend of saving online, we have also embrace mobile design as our core experience which means shoppers enjoy a consistent shopping experience whether they are visiting our site from their desktop at home, tablets at their office, or smartphones while on the subway. This brings us new opportunities and insights on how an integrated sales channel can then boost sales for merchants and drive both consumer confidence and revenue.

Lastly, at the centre of our focus are our users, smart shoppers who deserve nothing less than a modern and intuitive saving experience. That's why we believe in a two-way feedback system in which shopper can contact us if they have any issues or feedback regarding our coupon codes and discounts. In addition, we have integrated social buttons to promote easy sharing of coupon codes for social shoppers who can share their favorite coupon codes and offers with their family and friends. Bookmark CouponTwo today and never pay full price again when shopping online.